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About Us

Mission: The Virginia Horticultural Foundation provides education, venues for civic engagement, community-building, scholarships and grants in areas related to applied horticultural practices.

Vision: The vision of The Virginia Horticultural Foundation is to affect cultural transformation by providing access to and encouraging appreciation of horticulture.

The Virginia Horticultural Foundation (VHF) was founded in April 2003 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Mid-Atlantic Horticulture Short Course, the Virginia Flower & Garden Expo and Home Gardener Day are the major educational events presented annually by the Foundation and its partners. Each winter at the Mid-Atlantic Horticulture Short Course, VHF awards several scholarships and travel grants to outstanding horticulture teachers and students in Virginia. Horticultural education for consumers and professionals is the mission of the Virginia Horticultural Foundation.